BREAKING: Governor Bryant: Mississippi Is Closed to Unaccompanied Minors

This afternoon, Mississippi’s Governor Phil Bryant published an open letter to President Barack Obama in which he stated the state’s intention to deny “admission” to any recent undocumented minor detainees:

[T]o the extent permitted by law, I intend to prohibit the federal government or its agents from housing large numbers of new illegal immigrants in the State of Mississippi. Illegal immigration imposes real and substantial costs on the states, and it is unfair to expect the states to bear the costs of a problem created by the federal government’s failure to enforce the law. In 2012, I signed an Executive Order protecting Mississippi against failed federal immigration policies. The Order, which still stands, prohibits illegal immigrants from receiving public benefits in the State of Mississippi.

Like many Governors, my office must monitor rumors about the transport and housing of illegal immigrants because your administration apparently prefers to conduct these acts under cloak of secrecy instead of in consultation with states, which have the right to monitor and secure their own borders. With that said, I request that your administration and its agents notify my office immediately of any plans to transport or house illegal immigrants in the State of Mississippi.

You may read the full letter here.  For an analysis of Governor Bryant’s letter–including the extent of his authority to seal the state’s borders–please stay tuned. 


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