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Malcolm Butler Homecoming Parade in Vicksburg

On February 21, Vicksburg celebrated the homecoming of Malcolm Butler, who sealed the New England Patriots’ victory in the 2015 Super Bowl.  We love being part of such a wonderful community!

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(Bilingual Post / Aporte bilingüe) Northeast Mississippi: Free DACA/DAPA Workshop / Charla Gratis sobre DACA/DAPA

Are you in Northeast Mississippi?

You are invited to a free DAPA/”Expanded” DACA workshop this Sunday (February 15, 2015) at 10:30 a.m. at St. Christopher Catholic Church in Pontotoc, Mississippi:

More details here:


¿Está Ud. en el noreste de Misisipi?

Ud. está invitad@ a una charla gratis sobre DAPA/DACA Ampliada este domingo (15 del feb.) a las 10:30 am en la Iglesia San Cristóbal en Pontotoc.

Más información aquí:

It’s Carnival Season in Vicksburg!

Vicksburg loves a good celebration, and there is no better time to celebrate than Carnival.  Like our Gulf Coast neighbors to the south, we Vicksburgers celebrate the season with plenty of food, friends, music, and parades.

Yesterday, the Vicksburg Main Street Program hosted its fourteenth-annual Mardi Gras Parade in downtown Vicksburg, attracting local residents as well as plenty of tourists.  Creative “floats” representing local organizations, government agencies, and businesses rolled down the city’s historic brick streets, as riders threw beads, snacks, and other treats to the crowd.  We even had a special “throw” this year to celebrate one of Vicksburg’s hometown heroes, Malcolm Butler, whose interception helped to seal the recent Super Bowl victory for his New England Patriots:

Vicksburg Malcolm Butler cup

Wonderful community events like these are just some of the many reasons I’m proud to live and work in such a great city.  Happy Mardi Gras!

A Conversation with Justices Kagan and Scalia at Ole Miss

Justices Scalia and Kagan at Ole Miss on December 15, 2014

Mississippi law students, attorneys, and judges alike had a wonderful opportunity today as Justice Elena Kagan and Justice Antonin Scalia shared their thoughts on law school, legal philosophy, and the inner-workings of the Court this morning at the University of Mississippi in Oxford.

While the two justices often spar over important legal issues, their collegiality and genuine friendship was obvious and inspiring.  We appreciate and applaud the University of Mississippi School of Law for hosting this once-in-a-lifetime event.

Thank you!

The Law Offices of Amelia S. McGowan, PLLC, is celebrating its first anniversary!

We’d like to thank our friends, family, and wonderful clients for their support and trust in us.

U.S. Supreme Court Justices Scalia and Kagan to visit Ole Miss on December 15, 2014

Steve Petteway, Collection of the Supreme Court of the United States

Exciting news for Mississippi practitioners and jurists:  U.S. Supreme Court Justices Elena Kagan and Antonin Scalia are visiting Mississippi this month and will present at the University of Mississippi on December 15 at 10:00 a.m. at the Ford Center.

The event is open to the public, but you must have a ticket to enter.  You may purchase tickets here:

(A limited number of free tickets are available.)

Mississippi Moments Podcasts: A Delta Chinese Family in the 1940s-60s

Many of us here in Mississippi often take for granted the rich cultural history of our Mississippi Delta.  While thoughts of Delta culture often conjure up images of the region’s many blues masters, immigrants have also played a vital role in making the region unique.

One such immigrant group are the “Delta Chinese”–immigrants (and their descendants) who originally came to the Mississippi Delta region to fill cotton planters’ labor demands following the abolition of slavery.  These immigrants and their descendants quickly began paving their own paths in the region, as many opened small grocery stores and other businesses in Delta towns to serve the needs of the primarily African-American cotton pickers.  While many of these stores have since closed, some remain and have flourished to this day.

Mississippi Public Broadcasting recently aired the story of Dr. John P. Quon, a Chinese-American who grew up in the small Delta town of Moorhead.  As Chinese-Americans, the Quons played an integral role in Moorhead while maintaining many traditional Chinese practices at the same time.  To get some glimpses of life of one Delta Chinese family in the 1940s-1960s, check out the following links:

Podcast 1: Run of the Town

Website summary:

Chinese-American, Professor John P Quon grew up living in the back of his family’s store in Moorhead, Mississippi. In this episode, he recalls slipping off and exploring the downtown area at a young age.

Every member of the Quon family was expected to help out in the store. Quon remembers learning how to make change at the age of five.

Eventually, the Quon family decided to buy a home in Moorhead. He explains how an anonymous letter led his father to purchase a cotton farm instead.

Podcast 2:  A Traditional Chinese Wedding

Website Summary:

1964, Dr. John P. Quon was a student at Ole Miss when he proposed to his college sweetheart, Freida Seu. Both were from Chinese-American families living in the Delta. In this episode, Quon recalls the traditional engagement negotiations that followed.

Quon describes the logistics involved in planning a wedding with an expected attendance of 1,200 family and friends. He walks us through the day’s events including the wedding ceremony and reception, as well as the banquet and traditional tea ceremony.


Happy Friday!